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Jonathan Gunger
Sales Associate
Jonathan Gunger
Sales Associate
SL3251772 FL
Naples Central

Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials and for considering me to represent you in your next real estate transaction. My experience and commitment to my profession will help make your next real estate transaction a successful endeavor. I love my profession and playing a small part in helping people achieve their goals and realizing their dreams.

I have been working with distinguished Florida properties for almost 40 years. I left New England and came to Florida in 1984 as a very young man. My first 15 years in Florida were spent working with my brothers on waterfront properties for private owners, developers, and public agencies building erosion control systems, bridges, docks and marinas. I have years of experience in environmental permitting including making presentations before the governor and cabinet and working with local, state, and federal agencies. I relocated to SW Florida in 2000 and joined another brother to start a home building and remodeling company.  We spent many years building and remodeling homes from Port Royal to Fort Myers. My experience as a certified building contractor (CBC1250715) has given me the knowledge and experience that is an asset to my clients because I can give them insight as to what kind of time and costs are involved in home repairs and renovations; I can often help my clients determine what is a small repair and what will be a major expense. Having been a business owner, I understand investment costs and returns. Time moves on and my brother has retired, and my son has taken over the remodeling company.

I became a full time Realtor in 2011 and truly love what I do. Commitment, experience, and knowledge are what set me apart. I love working with people and I am committed to my customers. I have spent decades working with outstanding people and properties. I understand what it takes to bring people together to accomplish defined goals and to stay on budget. I believe these skills make me an excellent candidate to be your realtor.

Coldwell Banker and I believe in the importance of giving back and helping the most vulnerable among us. This is why I support the Sandy Beaches foundation, with 5% of commissions earned. The Sandy Beaches Foundation helps and supports brave young girls who have chosen to bring their babies into this world and the people and organizations that help them move forward and build successful lives. The Sandy Beaches Foundation is here to help these young ladies because most are the victims of human trafficking and abuse from those who were supposed to love and protect them.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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